• Why Escaping The Ordinary Can Make You Happier

    If we were to ask ourselves. What do I want from life?

    The majority of us would say- to be happy and much of what we do in life is ultimately in the pursuit of that happiness. So understanding exactly what makes us happy is an important one.

    A recent study by San Francisco State University has proven that long term happiness comes from seeking experiences, rather than material objects. Yet in reality people mistakenly believe that it is material items that bring them happiness because we can see the value. We have something tangible to show for our investment. When in fact it is for that very reason our happiness with physical objects is short lived.

    New things are exciting at first, but we become accustomed to them and they soon become ordinary.

    I’m sure many of us can relate to that when we remember the excitement we felt for our shiny new phone, but now we can’t wait to upgrade to the latest one. The cycle always changes because we can always upgrade the things we have and if we spend our lives working towards material things to make us happy we’ll inevitably be in a never ending pursuit of happiness.

    Happiness 2

    So how can we create longer lasting happiness?

    The key is investing in experiences – not material possessions

    Our life experiences will ultimately be what we remember when we look back on our life. They form and build our self-identity much more than material goods. You can really like material things but they still remain separate to you but we are sum total of our experiences so they become en grained in who we are.

    Even if we have a negative or stressful experience it can become a funny story to tell or be seen as an invaluable character building experience when we recall it. Shared experiences can also bring us new friends or connections. If you take a moment to remember a time that you were most happy, if you’re anything like me, it conjures up happy memories with friends and family or a time when I accomplished something.

    So if you want to be happier we must change the way we look at the world and how we invest our time and money.


    3 Steps To Create Longer Lasting Happiness

    1. Invest in more experiences with friends and family rather than material objects
    2. Set small goals to broaden your horizons with new experiences outside of your usual comfort zone, if you achieve them, GREAT, you will feel happy about your accomplishment, if not, you will have learnt from your experience and will have grown as a person for doing it
    3. Escape the ordinary everyday with small changes to your routine. Adapt your approach to life by always being open to trying new things from what you eat and drink to the activities you get involved with, making life a little less ordinary.


    Posted by Mello