• Watermelon Juice- Get Fit & Get The Glow

    This year, forget coconut water, 2015 is all about melon juice and here’s why…

    Working Out:

    If you’re hitting the gym hard to work on that summer body, watermelon juice should be your new post work out buddy. The glycogen present in melon will replenish the stores used up during intense exercise. Sports stars like professional boxer, Manny Pacquiao, already incorporate melon into their post workout meal to help replenish the body’s glycogen levels.

    Not only that, but scientific studies have proven that watermelon juice can relieve muscle soreness after a workout – #GoodbyeDOMS

    Low Sugar:

    While most fruit juices are high in added sugar or natural sugars, Mello contains only the naturally occurring sugars of the fruit, so it’s no different to eating a slice of watermelon! In fact, Mello has the same natural sugar content (if not less) than most “green” vegetable juices on the retail market, with on average 7.5g of naturally occurring sugars per 100ml serving.


    Melons are one of the most naturally alkaline fruits with the same pH level as many of your favourite cleansing vegetables such as broccoli, parsley and spinach. Perfect if you’re following an alkaline based diet or suffer from negative side effects of acidic juices.

    Vitamins & Antioxidants:

    Melons are a great source of powerful antioxidants and vitamins. Cantaloupe is known as a “beauty fruit” and each bottle of Mello Cantaloupe provides you with over 45% of your RDA of Vitamin A and Vitamin C; necessary to encourage skin regeneration, promote hair growth & give your body more energy and vitality.

    Weight loss:

    Melons have a high natural water content, making them ideal to detox, cleanse and stay hydrated. In fact, studies carried out by the Journal of Nutrition found that the amino acid arginine, abundant in watermelon, might actually promote weight loss. They found this amino acid enhanced the oxidation of fat and glucose and increased lean muscle, which burns more calories than fat does.

    Competition Time!

    To help you get your New Year off to a great start, we’re giving one lucky competition winner the chance to win a weeks’ worth of Mello AND a £50 Virgin Experience Voucher!

    So you can choose whether to do an outdoor activity to #GetFit or a opt for a relaxing beauty therapy to help you #GetTheGlow

    All you have to do is take a picture showing us how you get fit or get your glow, whether it’s a healthy foodie shot or an action packed outdoors shot and either tweet it to us @mellomelonjuice, instagram @mellomelonjuice or post it onto our Facebook Page Mello Drinks!

    Terms & Conditions below – Good Luck!!

    Love Mello xx

    Competition Terms and Conditions

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    2. To take part in the promotion and be eligible to win a prize, entrants must send a picture showing us how you get fit or get your glow, whether it’s a healthy foodie shot or an action packed outdoors shot; either tweet it to us @mellomelonjuice, instagram @mellomelonjuice or post it onto our Facebook Page Mello Drinks!
    3. Prize draw: one winner will be selected at random from the list of entrants on the 30.01.2015 and will be awarded the following prize: 8 bottles of Mello Fresh Melon Juice (4 Mello Watermelon, 4 Mello Cantaloupe Melon) 1 x Mello Cool Bag and 1 x £50 Virgin Experience Day Voucher
    4. There is no cash alternative and the prize is non-transferable and there are no cash or other prize alternatives available in whole or in part except in the event of circumstances outside its control.
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