• 4 Reasons Why Watermelon Juice Can Reduce Muscle Soreness After A Work Out

    A regular workout is one of the best things we can do to keep healthy. However when you exercise, your body uses energy and loses nutrients which can result in dehydration and muscle soreness. The body needs to replenish what is lost to fully recover and this can take some time. However you can speed up this process by consuming the right nutrients straight after working out.

    rehydrate, watermelon juice

    Studies have shown that the properties in watermelon juice can reduce recovery time and many professional athletes such as Lewis Hamilton & Manny Pacquiao are known to be regular drinkers to enhance their athletic performance.

    Mello bottles the natural properties from the watermelon fruit so it’s a great way to give your body the nutrients it needs to recover quickly and here’s why:


    You lose water and your body becomes dehydrated

    Mello Watermelon has a  HIGH WATER CONTENT TO REHYDRATE

    • Helps metabolism work more efficiently to aid weight loss
    • Flushes nasty toxins & waste through your system
    • Cleanses & detoxifies the body

    You lose glycogen which reduces performance and endurance 


    • Increasing the glycogen stores in your muscles for energy
    • Maintaining peak performance & endurance

    You build up lactic acid in your muscles causing cramps, muscle soreness and DOM’S 

    Mello Watermelon is RICH IN L-CITRULLINE TO REPAIR 

    • Found to accelerate the removal of lactic acid from muscles
    • Allows for more intense training
    • Faster recovery by reducing muscle fatigue and fighting DOM’s (Delayed onset muscle soreness)

    You lose potassium causing muscle soreness and cramp

    Mello Watermelon contains POTASSIUM TO REPLENISH & REPAIR

    • Helps maintain the fluid balance in the body
    • Crucial for smooth muscle contraction
    • Works to prevent muscle cramps and soreness


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    Be Active. Stay Fit. Stay Mello.

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