• Watermelon Juice: A Natural Hangover Cure

    We certainly don’t recommend being over the boozy limit but we know it can happen to the best of us. So if you’ve had too many and you’re now paying for it, you will be happy to know that there is a healthy and natural way to relieve the symptoms and get back on your feet in no time….with no greasy bacon in sight!

    Hangover symptoms are caused by the alcohol depleting your body of nutrients which can also lead to low blood sugar levels, leaving you feeling shaky, weak and nauseous. When you have that agonizing headache and unforgiving nauseous feeling, you would give anything for that quick fix hangover cure. The great thing is, you now no longer have to grab for pain relief or a greasy fry up- there’s a more natural way!

    Mello watermelon juice contains natural sugars which can counteract the symptoms and a very high natural water content to boost hydration. If that wasn’t enough, it is high in essential antioxidants Vitamin A & C- all of which helps your body recover from the damaging effect alcohol can have to provide instant relief.

    watermelon juice, hangover cure

    So next time you have late night boozy plans, don’t forget to stock up on Mello Watermelon and follow our top tips to a natural, speedy recovery

    1. Drink a bottle of Mello watermelon before you go to bed as this will kick start the recovery and again first in the morning
    2. Staying hydrated through out the night is the best way to reducing a hangover the next day. So even better, enjoy Mello Watermelon as a mixer, for a tasty way to keep hydrated throughout the night….whilst indulging! Take it from us you will not be disappointed.

    Stay Healthy. Stay Mello.

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