• Start Your Day Right with Simian McIntosh – FOLLOW MY 5 DAY MORNING WORKOUTS


    For many of us it’s not through a lack of desire but life just seems to ‘get in the way’ of finding time to workout- the chaos of everyday life and work has a habit of taking over.

    We figure the best place to start is first thing in the morning (because impromptu drinks don’t happen before the sun comes up…).So let’s start the day as we mean to go on and all that. If like us, you’re a little tired of being bombarded by the latest work out DVD from the Geordie Shore crew, or emails from your local gym – we have the answer. How does exercising with an Elite Model in the comfort of your own home sound?

    Having featured in campaigns for Balmain (yes Balmain!) Hugo Boss and Berluti Paris, Simian McIntosh is in the business of looking good and knows a thing or two about the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

    Simian shows us how to ‘Start Your Day Right’ with a different 10 minute morning workout everyday for 5 days to show you how easy it is to fit an effective exercise into your everyday without having to drudge to the gym and back.

    • Easy 10 minute workouts
    • No equipment needed
    • Can be done in the comfort of your own home
    • Boost your energy levels for the day
    • Start your day right to make healthier choices throughout the day

    How it works: I will take you through the exercises so just follow my lead. When the video finishes rest for 45 seconds before repeating the full set 2 more times.

    You’ll need: Nothing- no equipment needed! (Though a mat or towel is recommended for cold, hard floors.)

    START YOUR DAY RIGHT DAY 1 WORKOUT- let’s get started…Start Your Day Right, day 1

    This work out contains the following exercises:

    Running in place: this will get your heart pumping and warm you up for the rest of the workout

    Plank: builds up core body strength, strengthens your lower back and builds your shoulders

    Mountain climbers: a full body workout, engaging most muscles in the body, burning more calories in less time.

    Russian Twists: a full-on abdominal routine that works the rectus abdominis, internal and external oblique’s, and transverse abs

    START YOUR DAY RIGHT DAY 2 WORKOUT- let’s get started…

    simian mcintosh, day 2

    This work out contains the following exercises:

    High Knees: a great cardio exercise to get the heart pumping to improve flexibility and power in the lower limbs

    Bicycle Crunches: an excellent exercise for building core strength and toning the thighs

    Lunges: a total lower body workout it increases muscle tissue, shapes the lower body, gives more flexibility in the hips and also helps to strengthen the core

    Up- Downs: excellent for building strength and power in the legs, core, low back and upper body

    START YOUR DAY RIGHT DAY 3 WORKOUT- let’s get started…

    start your day right, day 3

    This work out contains the following exercises:

    Running in place: this will get your heart pumping and warm you up for the rest of the workout

    Jumping Jacks: are a great all over body exercise that is good for cardiovascular and strengthening

    The Windmill: is a great exercise for the strength and flexibility of the midsection and lower back, as well as shoulder stability

    Warrior Squats: tones your glutes and hamstrings and plays with your slow and fast-twitch muscles as your center of balance is thrown off


    day 4, workout

    This work out contains the following exercises:

    Fast Feet: gets your heart pumping and warms you up for the rest of the workout

    Squat Plank: great for strengthening your core and improving your stability and helps power the moves you make every day

    Burpees: one of the most impactful exercises to help work your whole body, working your legs, arms and core

    Switch Kicks: are another great full body work out working the core, abs, calves and glutes


    start your day right day 5

    This workout contains the following exercises:

    Butt Kickers: great for lifting, strengthening and shaping your butt and hamstrings if performed regularly.

    Shoulder Tap Push-Ups: strengthens the anterior core

    Reverse Crunch: great for working your lower abs and obliques

    Lunge Jumps: works hip flexors, glutes and the leg muscles

    You’ve made it to the final day and my day 5 workout! I hope my 10 minute sessions have shown you how easy and effective home workouts can be. Using only your body with no equipment or running machine insight,exercise can be built into your day in less time than you think and without having to drudge to the gym and back. Now you know the various exercises you can mix them up to create your own combinations- the key is to keep at it, regularly and consistently!

    Good Luck!

    Simian McIntosh

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