• Alkaline Juice- Naturally Alkaline, Naturally Mello.

    If you are looking for a naturally alkaline juice, Mello is perfect!

    Like Mello Watermelon, Mello Cantaloupe is naturally alkaline and, as many of you may already know, an alkaline diet is great for looking healthy and staying gorgeous.

    Mello, alkaline juice

    A build up of acidity in the body has been linked to bad skin, aches, pains, excess weight and various health issues.

    Thus, by replacing drinks such as orange juice with Mello melon juice, you can avoid these health concerns as well as some cosmetic concerns that come with acidic drinks too, such as tooth decay.

    Alkalizing your body with Mello Cantaloupe can provide you with more energy and vitality, so try it for yourself.


    Stay beautiful. Get Mello.


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