We are so excited to announce that you can now find our roasted watermelon seeds in 583 Holland and Barrett stores across the UK. Yes 583! 

    Chances are, you’ve been spitting out watermelon seeds for as long as they can remember. But what many people don’t realise is these seeds are a nutritional powerhouse packed full of nutrients. Very high in protein (just 100g has 34.1g of protein which is around 3 x more protein than your average protein snack) fibre, iron, potassium & magnesium.

    The seeds straight from the Watermelon are bitter and tough so we remove the black, bitter outer shell and lightly roast the seeds inside. They are then lightly seasoned to make the perfect snack or topping for salads, dips and recipes.Unlike other seeds and nuts, roasted watermelon seeds are not heavy or oily, they are light & nutty with a smooth taste.

    With the Hemsley Sisters, Clean Eating Alice & Vogue Editor, Calgary Avansino all declaring their love for them. “Watermelon seeds are gearing up to take over from sunflower and pumpkin as the coolest kernels to be nibbling neat or sprinkling on you’re gluten free muesli and organic hummus.”- LONDON EVENING STANDARD. So if you haven’t tried them already get down to your local Holland & Barrett to see what all the fuss is about.

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    Don’t forget to share your pictures with us, we always love to see how they are being used in your favorite recipes!

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