• Mello & Lomax Chelsea

    We had so much fun last week when we took over Lomax Chelsea for one entire day (yes that meant 6 a.m. to 9 p.m!) for a very special “Mello Monday”. With Mello being the perfect raw juice both pre and post work out, we wanted to treat the lovely people at Lomax to a day of free flowing Mello to help them rehydrate, repair and replenish throughout the day.


    As we found out on the day, Lomax is no ordinary gym but a place made up of unique podular fitness systems containing everything you need for the most efficient and results driven workout possible. Lomax also offer high intensity classes such as Cycle Blast and bespoke nutritional services. Overall, Lomax is the perfect place for any fitness enthusiast and certainly makes a good home for Mello.

    In fact, Mello was so popular on the day amongst members and personal trainers that we ran completely out of the stock that we had expected would last a week! To top everything off we were lucky enough to have a few journalists along on the day who were interested to find out more about Mello and Lomax.

    If you haven’t already tried Mello as part of your exercise routine, then you could be missing out. The core benefits being that it is proven to;


    Watermelon (as the name suggests) is a great source of natural, flavorsome water to rehydrate and detox your body. Great for when you’re getting a little bored of plain old water.


    Watermelon contains powerful antioxidants and amino acids which scientific studies have shown reduce muscle soreness after a workout. There is also evidence that the amino acids present in Watermelon can oxidize fat, enhancing weight loss.


    Watermelon is a great source of glycogen and potassium which are lost during physical activity and need replenishing in order to maintain smooth muscle contraction and sustain your performance.

    Get Fit. Get Mello.

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