• The Row Like A Girl Challenge

    Mello was not only inspired by our desire to do something different and escape our routine lifestyles, but also to take on the giants that own the traditional, ordinary and unhealthy soft drinks category.

    With no previous experience, we were told time and time again that we would never make it in a market dominated by “normal” drinks like Coca Cola but we refused to give up and risked everything to take on the challenge. We are now one of the youngest & fastest growing food and drink companies in the UK.

    We want to encourage everyone to “escape the ordinary” with us – to build a positive community that inspires, motivates and challenges “normal” perceptions and show others that even the smallest changes to every day routine can lead you to new adventures that will improve the world we live in and change your life.

    Proud to support Row Like A Girl…

    That’s why we are proud to support the inspirational girls at Row Like A Girl (RLAG) and female adventurer Lauren MortonLauren, along with the RLAG dream team Gee, Oliva and Bella will be taking on one of the world’s toughest challenges – Rowing UNAIDED 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean. No that isn’t a typo – 3000 miles. These girls will be taking on the epic adventure in just a few weeks’ time, and will break records for being the youngest female four to ever attempt the crossing. The team will face huge obstacles such as sleep deprivation, exhaustion, isolation, extreme weather conditions (40ft waves), solitary confinement and an array of health issues form blisters to salt sores.

    row like a girl 3

    This is a HUGE physical and mental challenge that 4 ordinary girls have taken on to raise money for PLAN Internationals “Because I am A Girl” charity campaign. The charity fights for girls’ rights around the world, which are threatened by poverty, gender inequality, violence, poor education, ingrained attitudes, conflicts and disasters.

    If you’d like to support Lauren, Gee, Olivia and Bella, not only in making history, but in supporting the rights of girls worldwide, then head over to their page www.rowlikeagirl.co.uk where you can find out how you can get involved and raise money for the charity. If you’d like to keep up to date with the highlights from their epic adventure, we’ll be sharing weekly updates from the girls on our blog – showing the highs and lows of their challenge.

    Watch the girls in action here: https://vimeo.com/127009663

    row like a girl

    This weekend we were lucky to be at the RLAG Charity send-off party where everyone came out to support the team and Plan International. As Female Entrepreneurs ourselves, The Row Like A Girl team are such an inspiration and truly positive role models – a reminder that women can be just as (and if not more) strong, independent and tough as any man.

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