• Healthy Juices- Not all fruit juices are bad

    We hate to be tagged as a “fruit juice”- it congers up nasty thoughts of sugar laden, pasteurised juices. Especially given that Mello was conceived by the determination to create something better- a juice that had it all! A juice that tastes great and actually delivers on providing the natural nutritional value of the fruit and not artificial additives masquerading as the ‘real’ thing.

    How is Mello such a Healthy Juice?

    Taking one of the most advanced food technology processes available today. And a year of research and development to perfect the process. Mello captures the raw and natural goodness of melon in a bottle. With absolutely no additives or preservatives. We believe Mello sets a precedent, not just for what is possible but for what we should expect from the drinks market.

    We are proud to be unapologetically natural! It may bump up the price a little but we can guarantee that if you give Mello a taste, it’s unquestionably natural characteristics make it worth every penny…and more and more customers agree!


    Here’s why…

    • We don’t use commodity fruit. We often see juices on the shelves of supermarkets that claim to be exotic and tropical. But if you stop to read the ingredient label you’ll notice that over 50% of the juice is packed full of readily available, mass produced (and therefore cheap) fruit. Not naming names, but the UK’s leading juice and smoothie company make a great looking “tropical juice” promising a taste of the exotic. But on closer inspection of the ingredient label you’ll notice that a staggering 85% of it is orange and apple juice. With only 1% of passion fruit. With Mello we’re very transparent and honest about our labelling – when we say watermelon juice – we mean that 95% is freshly squeezed, raw watermelon. (and the remaining 5% is fresh pomegranate to give a little tanginess!) Always look at the label – you get what you pay for.
    • We don’t heat pasteurise our drinks – HPP juices are becoming more and more popular in the UK, although we’re still very behind the US on this. Heat pasteurisation is a relatively cheap, easy, mass production juice method technique where vats of juice are heated to pasteurise the juice making it safe to drink. With HPP there’s no need for heat and the cold pressed, freshly squeezed juice is put straight into the bottles before being submerged in cold, pressured water. This capturing all of the nutritious goodness, taste and aroma of the fresh fruit. Although heat pasteurisation is more readily available and a cheaper method, we set out to capture all the goodness of fresh melon in a bottle, and to do that that meant taking the harder, less conventional and timely (and therefore more costly route) of HPP.
    • Mello captures the goodness of the melon fruit in a bottle- packed full of health benefits. Every drop of Mello is naturally alkaline, low calorie and zero fat. It is rich in essential vitamins and antioxidants to  rehydrate, repair and replenish the body as nature intended. With no added sugar, sweeteners, water or preservatives. For more detailed information about Mello’s health benefits visit the product pages of our website.
    •  We tirelessly follow the seasons around the world to find the most juicy, fresh melons for our Mello juice; from Spain to South America. As we all know, watermelons and melons are an exotic fruit that we only have the pleasure of seeing here in the UK during the summer months, but Mello brings you the delicious, exotic taste of Mello available all year round.
    • Melons are a hassle to prepare – sticky, messy, time consuming and difficult to cut, deseed and peel. Also in small households they can be just far too large and end up being thrown in the bin. With mello we’re putting the nation’s favourite exotic fruit in an easy, refreshing format – ready to consume on the go or at home without compromising on the taste or health benefits of fresh melons.


    Looking for healthy juices? Stay Mello.

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