Just when we thought we had tried almost every possible recipe with our Watermelon Seeds, the lovely Cheryl at Community Juice Bar (@JuicingMum) came up with this amazing chocolate bar recipe! Check it out here:

    Chilli Lime Chocolate & Watermelon Seed Recipe


    100g Raw organic cacao liquor

    100g Raw organic cacao butter

    2tbsp Raw organic cashew butter (I make my own, with a dash of raw, organic coconut oil)

    1tbsb Organic lucuma

    1tbsp Organic maca

    1-2 tbsp Raw organic agave nectar (to taste) or 4-6 drops stevia liquid if preferred

    Pinch fine Himalayan pink rock salt

    1/2tsp Organic vanilla powder

    Pinch organic chilli flakes (to taste).


    1 organic lime (washed well with a white vinegar-water solution & dried), sliced very thinly & then into quarter slices & dehydrated for 8-12 hours at the lowest setting, 1 tbsp Mild Chilli Roasted Mello Watermelon Seeds.

    watermelon seeds



    1. Chop the cacao liquor & cacao butter into small pieces (or grate) and gently allow to melt to liquid in a bain marie (do not allow to heat).


    1. Once this is fully liquid, add the cashew butter and mix until fully melted & combined.


    1. Add the lucuma, maca, vanilla, chilli flakes, salt & agave/stevia to taste & mix well until fully combined.


    1. Pour into a medium silicone tray or parchment lined baking tray*. Pop in the freezer for at least 20 mins until completely firm & snap into shards and..indulge!


    *Add dehydrated lime slices & melon seeds before you pour the chocolate into the trays to set but just as the chocolate is beginning to thicken to set, so that they don’t sink in to the chocolate.


    YUM! A super delicious, home made chocolate recipe. Follow Cheryl’s wonderful twitter page @JuicingMum for more healthy recipes which we cannot get enough of right now!



    Posted by Mello