We all know that healthy looking skin is largely down to your diet. What goes in our bodies comes out to show on our skin and eating the right nutrient enriched foods will work wonders for your healthy ‘glow’. But not many people know that Cantaloupe melon is a super skin food and when it comes to age proofing your skin, it’s the ultimate super food supplement.

    Why? because it contains some of the highest levels of Vitamin A & C- powerful antioxidants scientifically proven to promote healthy looking skin and combat signs of aging.

    cantaloupe melon

    Vitamin A (Beta-Carotene)

    • Found in almost all topical acne medicines
    • Activates new skin cells to the surface leaving skin rejuvenated, tightened & youthful
    • To help reduce wrinkles by firming and tightening the skin
    • Vitamin A aids in the production of T cells, which improve your immune system

    Vitamin C

    • Key to anti-aging skincare, fights free radicals, adds density, tightness & glow to skin
    • Vitamin C is crucial for maintaining your immune system and fighting viruses. Infections, even those unapparent to you, can cause fatigue as your body uses energy to fight them
    • Helpful for iron absorption. A lack of iron can result in fatigue & vitamin C is an important part of an energy-packed diet

    Our raw cold pressed Cantaloupe melon juices are a great way to get a daily boost of beauty enhancing antioxidants on the go. So try regular doses of Mello Cantaloupe juice to get that natural healthy glow just in time for Summer!

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