• ROW LIKE A GIRL HAVE DONE IT! BECOMING THE fastest and youngest all female team to row the Atlantic

    The girls have done it! 2,700 nautical miles across the Atlantic unaided in just 40 days! Powering through in second place to a victorious reception in Antigua on Friday night. After leaving the Canary Islands on the 20th December, the girls have become the fastest and youngest all female team to row the Atlantic.


    And what a voyage it has been! We have been keeping a close eye on their progress throughout, battling rough seas, high winds and more than their fair share of equipment failures. What they have accomplished is nothing short of remarkable and we want to congratulate them on their historic achievement.

    Gee Purdy said “the crossing had been hugely difficult at times. There’s no doubt that there were times where you question your sanity, sitting in the middle of the Atlantic in a rowing boat, oars in and a massive storm tossing you around the ocean. “The feeling though of pure ecstasy to see the finishing line, to see our families and friends after 40 days made it all worth it. It has been an extraordinary journey with three of the most amazing girls.”

    Not only have the girls achieved a great personal goal but the ‘Row Like A Girl’ team have done it all in the name of the ’Because I’m A Girl’ campaign which aims to unleash the incredible potential of girls, to create a better world.Not only are they raising money for the charity to support millions of the world’s poorest girls get an education, live free from violence and fulfil their potential but they certainly gone a long way in demonstrating what women can achieve when given the opportunity.

    What a spectacular achievement and we can’t wait to see what they are going to do next!


    Posted by Mello